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Help Spread the Word

We sometimes receive queries from readers about how like-minded Christians might participate in getting the PFRS message out. Here are some suggestions.

1. If you operate a Christian website, you may place the following graphic hot link on your website. There is no need to copy the graphic to your server. It will automatically load from ours, if you include the following code on your webpage.
< !--------- "Please Visit PFRS" graphic & hot link -------- >
<a href="">
<img src="" border=0></a>
<!--------------end PFRS graphic ---------------------->

2. Tell your pastor and friends about PFRS, and encourage them to read and ponder the PFRS approach to theology.

3. Have business cards printed using the PFRS logo, with the website address, and pass them out to people you know and have contact with.

4. For those who want to have a greater impact, take out an ad in your local newspaper's religion section.

5. Print out individual articles you believe another Christian or pastor might be interested in, and give it to them.